Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thailand Immigration Select Pattaya for Interpol Office

Thailand Immigration Select Pattaya for Interpol Office

Well over 130 of Thailand’s leading Immigration Officers met at the Jomtien Beach Nusa Playa Hotel south of Pattaya for a very large conference. This important meeting was attended by the Deputy Immigration Minister from Bangkok and the highest ranking immigration officials from every part of Thailand.

Pattaya, February 2010 [PDN]: The highly experienced Chonburi Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Khun Niti Kongrut was the opening speaker, and even took time out to answer impromptu questions. The question regarding the foreign ownership of beer bars was also raised, and it would appear that this matter will be investigated by government authorities in the appropriate manner.

One query was related to foreign visitors gaining a second visa extension, once their original 60 + 30 day tourist visa has expired. This requires such persons to leave Thailand and gaining an extension depends on your point of re-entry back into Thailand. The Vientiane / Kon-Kien Immigration office on the Laos border often grants a second 60 + 30 day tourist visa, so maybe there is a case to see more uniformity in this area. Foreign visitors have trouble in understanding the complexities of these regulations, which vary considerably and depend on their interpretation by individual immigration offices.

The big news was the announcement to have an Interpol Office established in Pattaya, as this is seen as a very practical way to control international crime and the arrival of suspected criminals from overseas. This new Interpol Office will be sited at Soi-5 in Jomtien under the direction of Police Superintendent Police Colonel Athiwit Kamonrat, who is based in Chonburi. The Chonburi Immigration region now has more than 2,000 warrants to arrest foreigners for crimes that they have committed outside of Thailand, and in addition to these they have approximately 1,000 warrants issued by Thai courts against foreigners for crimes committed within Thailand.

Interpol also works closely with other world-wide law enforcement agencies, such as America’s FBI and “Scotland Yard” in England. This development will certainly not be appreciated by criminals, who have chosen Pattaya and other parts of Thailand as a safe haven for their past illegal activities

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