Monday, June 15, 2009

Phuket Crime Wave Sparks Public Protest

Crimwave hits Phuket - Locals Protest
By Chutima Sidasathian and Alan Morison
Monday, June 15, 2009

OUT-OF-CONTROL crime on Phuket brought a public protest by about 200 people today at Karon temple, with anger mounting especially about the rising number of house breakings and robberies.

Phuket's most senior policeman admitted to Phuketwan this afternoon that a surge in crime generated by the economic downturn is proving too much for the island's small number of officers.

Karon is the first district on the island to lodge a public protest. Demonstrators today gave Chalong police 10 days to halt the thefts, or face another protest, next time at the police station.

Village chief Winai Chidchiew of Tambon Karon said the local people no longer trusted the Chalong police chief, who had never listened to the complaints of local people.


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