Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thailand's CAT to spend B1.4bn on 3G wireless

Published: 28/05/2009 at 12:00 AM

Newspaper section: Business

CAT Telecom says it will spend an additional 1.4 billion baht to expand its CDMA network that covers 51 provinces to provide third-generation EVDO services.

Executive vice-president Viroj Toacharoenvanich said CAT needed to invest more on its 3G services because it was considered a business that will generate more income.

Initially about 800 million baht would be spent to expand base stations to accommodate outdoor use, then the remaining 600 million would be used on data service.

CAT hopes to have 500,000 users, up from 300,000 currently, and total revenues of 1.3 billion baht, up from 600 million baht last year.

CAT, he said, would continue its close co-operation with business allies Huawei, Alcatel, Motorola and CDG to expand the CDMA network to boost the confidence of users.

Chawapol Jariyaviroj, Motorola's country manager for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, said that CDMA technology was used by leading global operators such as China Telecom, KDDI, Verizon and Sprint with combined users of more than 200 million. The technology is also adaptable to interface with future wireless technologies.

The CDMA service in Thailand currently is split with one part covering 25 central provinces for Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia or Hutch. This network is worth 40 billion baht and controlled by Hutchison's wholly owned subsidiary BFKT and leased to Hutch.

The other is owned by CAT Telecom and covers 51 provinces. CAT invested 7.2 billion baht to construct this network.

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But CAT CDMA users in Chiangmai recently experience a lot of problems; so maybe first develop the quality of the existing system?