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How to travel in Thailand

The ways we travel in Thailand


Domestic Airlines
Most of the destinations in the Kingdom of 
Thailand can be reached with Thai Airways International (TG), Bangkok Airways (PG), as well as a whole range of full service or low cost airlines, such as Nok Air, Air Andaman, Orient Thai, PB Air or Thai Air Asia.
All domestic routes for destinations such as Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Chumphon as well as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are serviced from the concourses A and B of Bangkok’s new aviation hub, Suvarnabhumi Airport 
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All international flights are serviced from the other concourses in the main departure Hall of the airport (4th level)


Skytrain (BTS) / Underground (MRTA) - (Bangkok)
Skytrain (BTS)

The skytrain offers a quicker alternative for commuting within the city. It has terminals on most commercial areas, such as Silom, Siam Square, Ekkamai and Chatuchak weekend market. The skytrain is ideal for anyone seeking to rush through the congested traffic of Bangkok streets. Route Map & Details


Underground (MRTA)
The recently opened underground train system (officially called MRT - Mass Rapid transit) operates from 05:00 am to midnight. It reaches from the Northern train station of Bangsue to Hua Lumphong main railway station in a loop, connecting with the Skytrain on 3 different stations, namely : Silom, Sukhumvit and Chatuchak Park. 
Route Map & Details


City Buses
 bus network within the metropolis is very efficient and economical. It is also a wonderful way to tour the city cheaply. There are several kinds of city buses : air-conditioned, and regular buses with different range of capacity, route, and fare (depends upon distance, usually Baht 7-10 for regular buses, and Baht 12-24 for air-con buses.
Routes could be determined from most city maps for sale or by calling the 
Bangkok Transport Office (999-9999).


Special private-run buses that share the route of the city buses, the 
microbus guarantees seats and TV viewing. Seats are wider than regular buses, providing greater comfort on longer trips. Bus size is smaller though. Fare is a flat rate of Baht 20 per trip.


Provincial buses
Thailand’s very good high-way system encourages traveling by road, and there are air-conditioned or open-air buses reaching all part of the kingdom from Bangkok.
Air-conditioned buses service many provincial areas and bookings for both regular and tour coaches can be made through major hotels and travel agents, or at the bus terminals. 
Fares / Scheldules


Taxi - Meter
Just like any
 taxi service around the world, Thai taxicabs may be best for trips around the city. Fare, determined from the electronic meters, starts from Baht 35 and rises about Baht 5-7 per kilometer onwards. Some drivers would want to bargain a price for a trip rather than use the meters. Notify the tourist police or ordinary officers if treated unfairly bytaxi drivers.


An all-time favorite among tourist, this colorful open-air three-wheeled vehicle is unique to 
Thailand. Basically a “taxi” that could be hired anywhere (but not outside the city), the tuk-tuk can take you almost anywhere in Bangkok. There are no standard fare. Prices must be negotiated before the trip. Normal fare starts at Baht 30 for very short distances and not over Baht 150 for a longer trip.


Motorcycle taxi
A new form of transport provides a faster, albeit riskier answer for commuting during peak traffic hours. You can find them anywhere in 
Bangkok. They can go anywhere in Bangkok, but fares must be negotiated. Fares : very similar to those charged by tuk-tuk.


This tiny open-air van could be found in major sois around 
Bangkok. They shuttle commuters from the front of the sois near main roads to deeper residential areas. They can also be hired for trips around the city. Fee structure : around Baht 5 to 15 per trip.


Literally two rows in the back of a pick-up truck. For longer trips on set routes.


A three wheeled bicycle ideal for short trips around town.


Long-tailed boats : River Taxi

A very famous mode of transportation along the 
Chao Phraya River and inner canals, the long-tailed boat traveled on established routes along the river or in the intricate canal system within the city. Charge fare depending on distance. There are boat piers that stop near major commercial districts such as Sukhumvit and all the way to the World Trade Center. Long-tailed boats could be hired for special river tours.


Thailand has a very effective rail system linking Bangkok to provinces around the country. The main train station is the Hua Lampong station on Rama IV Road. Fares depend on ticker class, which comprises of first, second and third class carriages. Train information / fares / timetables


Hired Car
If you want to go your own way, there are many
 car hire firms in Thailand, including international rental companies such as Budget, Hertz and Avis. The road system is good and well sign - posted. An international driving license is required.


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