Saturday, April 4, 2009

Permission to speak???

An unconfirmed April 1st report in Matichon says that foreigners in Thailand must seek prior permission from the Ministry of Culture if they intend to post material on a website while they are in Thailand. This new regulation also covers contributions to an internet forum or blog.

2009 APRIL 4
by peacerunning

Permission to speak
Harrison George
04 April 2009
Alien Thoughts

Form for Foreign Person who intent to Post Blog or Internet forum in Thailand

As for the prevention and protection of Thai culture and National image, all foreigner with O B or M visa intent to post blog or Internet forum must fill this Form KoWo 127/2552 before.

(Note: Foreigner intent to host blog, website, chat rooms or other internet are used to instead Form KoWo 127 Ko/2552)

Pleased to inform that must register for culture reason only. Freedom to expression is policy of Royal Thai Government and politics expression is at liberty. But Institution for Thai people is part of culture and above politic as many foreigner misunderstand.

Answer every questions.

First Name Name

Nationality Passport Number

Date of birth Age

Knowledge in Thai Culture

answer Yes (Y) or No (N)

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