Sunday, March 15, 2009

RFID institute founded in Thailand

Thursday, March 12, 2009 in News

A coalition of technology industry associations in Thailand have announced the establishment of a center promoting the adoption of RFID technology. The RFID Institute of Thailand (RFID-TH) will serve as a test bed center and to showcase the technology in the region.

The institute is sponsored by Thailand’s Software Industry Promotion Agency, the Thai Embedded Systems Association, and other partners. The groups’ plans for the RFID-TH include it functioning as a sort of matchmaker for RFID developers and businesses looking for RFID-enabled solutions.

Consulting services will be offered to assist in the deployment of RFID systems. According to a spokesperson, over 8,000 Thai companies already use some level of RFID technology, and the institute hopes to assist them in expanding their use.

The RFID-TH’s test bed center will provide RFID developers with a venue for viewing their systems in action. The institute’s founders hope the test center will also develop new applications for a range of industries.

The RFID-TH is expected to open for business in the first half of 2009

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