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As part of the latest initiative to find foreign criminals hiding out in Thailand, Pattaya Immigration Police have informed owners of local hotels and accommodation businesses about the strict rules for the registration of foreign visitors and the penalties for non-compliance. 

500 business owners attended a meeting on 26th March 2009, at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, where they were addressed by the Superintendent of the Pattaya Immigration Police, Pol. Col. Arnonnat Kamonrat and his officers.

They explained methods to prevent crime and made clear how important it is that the business owners work together with the authorities. The owners will have to file a report for every guest within 24 hours. If they fail to deliver in time they will be fined. The fine starts at 2000 baht and if the person who was in charge of the registration was the manager; the fine can be up to 10.000 Baht. 

The report must contain data about the foreigner’s name, arrival-date, passport no., visa, TM-card-no, 90-day-report and departure-date. In the event of the foreigner extending his/her stay beyond 90 days the report must be updated.

For the foreigners themselves, failure to report after 90 days will result in a 5000 baht fine and 200 baht per day overstay. 

The officers made it clear that all of this data must be written correctly in capital letters. Spelling mistakes will not be tolerated. As a solution for very busy owners the immigration offered to accept the reports by mail or email. 

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