Monday, December 22, 2008

A Look Ahead for 2009: ESL Hotspots in Asia: Thailand

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There were some pleasant surprises in the ESL market in 2008, and some very obvious letdowns. As we look ahead to 2009, ESL Daily is going to look back at the predictions for 2008 and see how they panned out.

The prediction in 2008 was that Thailand would continue to be an attractive destination for many teachers because of the exciting lifestyle it affords, the reasonable wages for foreign teachers (if you're not in debt and work at a reputable school) and its cheap food and drink. Unfortunately, the country is not what it once was. Thailand's visa regulations for foreign teachers continue to be the most convoluted and tedious of any country in Asia. Since the military coup of 2006, foreign teachers have had an increasingly frustrating time obtaining and renewing work visas. There was hope this situation would change when the military government held elections and handed power back to the people and restored democracy in late 2007. However, the elections cemented the rule of the military leadership instead of eliminating it. Teachers will be further dissuaded to teach in Thailand if they have watched any CNN broadcast since August. The country's continuing political instability and turmoil has stranded thousands of people at airports and ruined many teacher's visas, which are dependent upon them exiting the country every three months to renew them. Thai wages for foreigners have also not increased, unlike Korea or some parts of China, despite a global economic recession. Whichever you slice it, Thailand will be a country at the bottom of the list for foreign teachers in 2009. For reactions from foreign teachers to Thailand's recent plight, visit This is the best source for teachers who have lived in Thailand or who are considering it as a destination in 2009.

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