Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bangkok's governor steps down

The governor of Bangkok has resigned a day after being found guilty of corruption.

Radio Australia's Adam Connors reports Governor Apirak Kosayodhin is continuing to protest his innocence.

The purchase in question, totalling more than $US190 million dollars of firefighting equipment, was actually rushed through by the former Bangkok governor and disgraced prime minister, Samak Sundaravej, who signed the deal on his last day in office in 2004. 

Mr Apirak maintained his innocence throughout, saying he was forced by the contract and threats of being sued by the Austrian supplier. 

He suspended himself from duty when first implicated earlier this year, before his re election, with the people returning him to power with an increased vote.

However, the National Anti-Corruption Commission still voted for his indictment 9-0 on Tuesday . 

Mr Apirak is not expected to run for the governorship again, but analysts say his political spirit and strength over this issue is such that he has a future in national politics.

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