Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vietnam's Prime Minister approves $1 billion plan to boost language learning

Our comments: Thailand better wake up to the sleeping Dragon to their East.  85,000,000 people who want to learn and need jobs in a globalized world......

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved a VND16 trillion (US$1 billion) project to improve students’ foreign language skills in Vietnam.

Created to enhance the job skills of graduates entering a competitive international market, the new scheme aims to equip all college and university graduates with second language proficiency by 2015 and full second-language fluency by 2020.

Under the proposal by the Ministry of Education and Training, all schools in the country would be equipped with multimedia labs by 2015 and all foreign language educators at the college and university level, and even some high schools and vocational training centers, would be trained abroad.

Poor equipment and outdated methodology have hindered the progress of second-language proficiency in Vietnam, according to the ministry.

The national scheme calls for teacher training in and outside Vietnam and compulsory English-language courses at all primary schools, high schools and universities by 2020.

Besides the compulsory English classes, students would also be required to take courses in Mandarin Chinese, Russian or French.

Under the proposals, courses in all four of these languages would be taught at every university in the country.

Developing new training centers for foreign language teachers in the Central Highlands and the northeastern and northwestern provinces would be essential to the plan, the ministry said.

Ministry officials have urged universities and schools to work with foreign partners that officially use English, Russian, French or Chinese.

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