Sunday, October 5, 2008

Minister promotes 'Smart Thailand' policy

Information and Communications Technology Minister Mun Patanotai has outlined a "Smart Thailand" campaign based on five policies he intends to pursue in his new cabinet term.

The policies are the access to information with speed and economy through broadband internet, improvement of IT personnel, development of software industry, education development, and enforcement of the Computer Crime Law to ensure safety and security of internet access.

He said these policies would help turn the country into a knowledge-based society.

He said that to achieve the goal, the third-generation (3G) network of TOT Plc would be a main driver.

He said the ICT ministry would try its best to drive the industry's value ratio to 20% of gross domestic product and also to promote initiatives to ensure that a greater portion the country's population has access to information technology.

The minister said the ministry would also promote the software industry.

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