Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving Forward Student Recruitment Agencies In Thailand

Student recruitment agencies are a very interesting part of the university and college structure of the United States. These organizations are government sanctioned bodies that go to foreign countries to recruit foreign students to come to the United States and study at the sponsoring university of college. There are several reasons for this practice, and the organizations travel all over the world: student recruitment agencies in Thailand are an example of these foreign recruiters.

While the student recruitment agencies in Thailand might sound like they are actually located in Thailand, most university and college sponsored student recruiters are actually based in the United States at the campus of the sponsoring university or college. There are two types of student recruitment agencies in Thailand and other countries: community college recruiters and university recruiters. The real difference between these two types of recruiters is only the organization that sponsors the recruiters.

The purpose of student recruitment agencies in Thailand and other countries is for the college or university to gain a larger foreign student population. Not only does this make the sponsoring university or college more diverse, it also can aid the college or university financially. Often, universities and colleges who sponsor student recruiters or who house and educate foreign students will receive funding from the United States government to fund the student’s costs. While this is not always the main reason behind a university or college recruiting foreign students, it can be one of the main factors. Another, more popular and ethical reason for student recruitment agencies in Thailand and other foreign countries is the international education policy and the desire of the United States to assist in the education of those in other, poorer countries.

Some student recruiters are so large that they literally have over 400 advising centers stationed all over the United States. There are many different places that these recruiters travel to for recruitment fairs: student recruitment agencies in Thailand, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia all do very well. Of course, these recruiters must either be bilingual, or they must travel with several translators, as some of the students in these recruitment areas do not speak much or any English.

While that language barrier can be a problem for recruited foreign students in American colleges and universities, this is often overcome with preliminary English as a Second Language, or ESL, classes. In general, though, these recruited students do very well in American universities and colleges. These students often will go back to their home countries to further the education of their countrymen.

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