Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thailand: Teacher Visa soon to be Teacher Nightmare

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Perhaps it is an effort to clean up the foreign teachers in Thailand or perhaps it is to generate money making machine, but one thing that all teachers agree upon: the new teacher visa process is going to be a mess. With already heightened visa regulations from earlier this year, immigration will (most likely) require teachers to:

A: Teachers with Bachelor of Education or higher to attend a ‘Foreign Teacher Thai Culture Training Program,’ on top of a Non-immigrant and work visa.

B: Teachers with Bachelors (not in Education) are to complete a 30 credit, one year, ’Teachers Licensing Course’ with the 'Foreign Teacher Thai Culture Training Program.’ The 30 credit course is to cost 60000 Baht (about $1800 US) which for many is well over a month’s salary. Teachers do have the option to challenge the course by taking a four-part exam to receive.

C: Teachers without Bachelor degrees may receive permission if the principal at your school can vouch that your teaching abilities are ‘fantastic’ and your services are much needed.
This summary is provided by, further details and how to obtain the visa may be found here:

Teachers in the Kingdom are frustrated and upset over the changes. Isaan Style, a well known Blogger in Thailand states:

“There are teachers who have been in Thailand for many years and can speak Thai and probably know Thai culture better than most Thais who have lashed out at this course, some have said it is the most ridiculous and idiotic thing they have ever attended in Thailand.” - Isaan Style

The Ajarn Forums (Thailand's biggest online forum for foreign English teachers) are littered with teachers concerns with the new visas The fact of the matter, the instructors who wish to teach in Thailand must be dedicated and committed to teach. The effort that it will take to obtain the visa will not be a walk in the park, the visa will be reaching into the pockets for more money and consuming the teacher's valuable time. The new regulations are said to take place in the beginning of 2009.


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