Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thailand's Jasmine focuses on broadband


Jasmine focuses on broadband


Jasmine International Plc, an integrated communications service provider, is shifting its business strategy to focus only on broadband service, and aims to make broadband its new flagship business by 2010. CEO Pete Bodharamik, a son of the founder Adisai Bodharamik, said Jasmine was on the verge of a modernisation programme to refresh the company.

He said broadband would be the core business for Jasmine, with applications including internet protocol television (IPTV), voice over IP, calling cards, online games, bandwidth on demand and fixed and mobile value-added services.

''We project we will have at least one million broadband subscribers by 2010, out of an expected total three million users,'' he said at a press conference yesterday for the first time since he took the position three months ago.

''Our revenue is expected to increase to 10 billion baht in 2010, with broadband accounting for 80% of the total.''

Jasmine reported four billion baht in revenue last year, most of which came from concession-based businesses and state bidding projects. Broadband contributed to 30% of the total. It posted a loss of 41 million baht.

The company has 300,000 broadband customers, and the figure is expected to reach 400,000 by the end of this year.

''Given TT&T's (our provincial fixed-line subsidiary) abundant network and a sharp increase in the number of broadband users in Thailand, we are confident we will achieve a minimum one million customers by 2010,'' Mr Pete said.

Mr Pete said Jasmine was also looking to diversify into new businesses to add value to its broadband services.

The company plans to spend around 1.5 billion baht to expand broadband coverage. It also planned to spend 100 million baht to install an additional of 10,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide. Up to 7,000 would be in Bangkok.

He said Jasmine was now ready to provide WiMax commercial service, after it received testing licences from the National Telecommunications Commission.

Mr Pete said Jasmine expected revenue of between six and seven billion baht in 2008, driven mainly by the broadband and content businesses.

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