Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Myanmar's first jet has landed

New jet plane for donations lands in border city

For the first time in almost ten years state-owned Myanmar Airways has replaced the old propellers with a new jetliner ATR 72, reported sources from Tachilek, opposite Maesai.

“It may be a coincidence,” said a happy resident of the city. “But a day after the news about Nargis donations from Tachilek being transported to affected areas through Kengtung (160km away) came out, an ATR 72 with 62 seats landed.”

Donors from both Thailand and Tachilek have no need to worry about their relief offerings being delayed or damaged, they say.
Myanmar Airways suspended its jet flights to Tachilek following an accident on 27 August 1998 which killed all its passengers and crew.

Apart from Thais across the border, most donors are Burmans, Shans and ethnic Chinese residents.

Myanmar Airways fly to Tachilek twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday.

The related report: PM Thein Sein wrong man for handling disasters? (17 May 2008) recounted the Fokker Friendship F-27’s crash in 1998 while Gen Thein Sein was serving as a regional commander.

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