Sunday, November 25, 2007

NGV cars head for Thailand to explore "green highways"

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Four natural gas vehicles (NGV) bi-fuel cars left a service station near here on Friday for Bangkok, capital of Thailand, starting their journey to explore the southern route of "green highways" in the Asia Pacific region.

The four-vehicle convoy, which comprised two cars representing Singapore and two representing Malaysia, left the service station at Shah Alam, capital of Malaysia's Selangor State, on the journey under the Green Highways Project sponsored by the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA), the association said.

The Project was launched earlier this year by ANGVA President Abdul Rahim Hashim, vice-head of the research arm of Malaysia's state-run oil company Petronas, with aim to create integrated routes of "green highways" in the Asia Pacific region, according to ANGVA, which recently relocated its secretariat from the Republic of Korea to Malaysia.

"Under the Project, ANGVA seeks to highlight gaps in the NGV refueling infrastructure and the need for the harmonization of NGV standards ad co-operation among the national NGV associations and government(s) along the chosen routes," it said in a press release issued here.

ANGVA currently has chosen two routes for its Green Highway Project -- the Eastern Route and Southern Route.

The Eastern Route covers the journey from Chuncheon, the Republic of Korea, to Bangkok, via China, Vietnam and Laos, while the Southern route covers the journey from Singapore to Bangkok, via Malaysia.

The teams from both routes are scheduled to reach Bangkok on Nov. 26, where the NGV vehicles would be displayed at ANGVA's Second International Conference and Exhibition (ANGVA 2007) there.

The Eastern Route Team, comprising three bi-fuel NGV vehicles, started their journey from Chuncheon on Oct. 23 this year and it was currently in Vietnam on their way to Bangkok.

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