Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reports that Thailand is the Dental Travel Destination for 90% of Australians

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Dublin, Ireland, 10/26/2007 - The September Dental Tourism Barometer shows that Australians strongly favour Thailand, for dental treatment.

More Aussies than all the other countries combined travel to Thailand. They search more than 2,000 times a week and with treatment costs up to 50% cheaper than at home it’s no wonder. An implant in Sydney can cost from $3000AU to $7500AU that’s a lot more than an average cost of around $2000AU in Thailand.

Thailand’s success is no accident: Government involvement has benefited many areas of the countries burgeoning Medical Tourism market, from speeding visa clearance for patients to guaranteeing the highest standards through accreditation programs. Travelers can be confident of being understood as many dentist’s and their staff are proficient in foreign languages, having studied their specialties in the U.S or Europe. Of course the natural beauty and the vast selection of sites of cultural interest don’t harm Thailand’s appeal.

Tooth whitening is the most popular procedure with Australians: 35% opting for a whiter smile. Implants and tooth veneers were next on the list at 18% with crowns also popular, accounting for 13% of the total.

Britons are the next most likely to travel to Thailand with over 1000 searches per week. Londoners dominate – of course – but the beaches of Phuket are also popular with travelers from Southampton, Bristol, Leeds and Cardiff. Unlike their conscientious counterparts down under, Britons are more likely to search on their boss’s time – only 20% search at the weekend compared to 35% of Aussies (Brits are also more likely to search during the day).

The table below shows an estimate of the savings available to Australians by travelling to Thailand for dental treatment.

Treatment Australia Thailand Saving Over AU
Implants $4000AU $2000AU 50%
Veneers $800AU $280AU 65%
Crowns $1300AU $400AU 70%


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