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67 Thais and 57 foreigners reported on destroyed Phuket flight

Sunday Sep 16 21:49 AEST

AP - A passenger plane crashed while attempting to land at southern Thailand's Phuket airport, leaving a large number dead, an official said. An unconfirmed television report said 60 were dead.

Local television station TITV reported there were 123 mostly foreign passengers on the plane, One-To-Go airlines flight OG 269 from Bangkok to Phuket.

One-To-Go, a budget airline, is owned by Orient Thai Airways.

Phuket's Deputy Governor, Vorapot Rajsima said in a local TV report that 90 per cent of people on the plane were believed dead.

"I believe there are people dead, but the number is still unclear," said Chaisak Angsuwan, director general of the Air Transport Authority of Thailand.

TITV reported 60 dead. Chaisak said he could not immediately confirm that. It was not clear who the station's report was citing.

Chaisak said 20 people were seriously injured on the flight, which crashed in heavy rain.

"The visibility was poor as the pilot attempted to land. He decided to make a go-around but the plane lost balance and crashed," he said. "It was torn into two parts."

Anchalee Wanitthepphabutr, chief of Phuket's provincial administrative authority, said on TITV that the plane had been in flames.

Anchalee said the dead and injured were being taken from the plane to several hospitals in Phuket.

Maj Gen Deecha Butnamphet, police chief in Phuket, said on TITV that "we believe that there are many people who are dead. We are taking the dead and injured out from the scene."

Plane Crash in Phuket

19:00: The Nation Channel reports on details on the flight manifest 67 Thais and 57 foreigners (this is 124 and not 123 as mentioned below). The nationalities of the foreigners mentioned were Israelis, Irish, and Australian. Emergency workers have recovered 45 bodies from the scene.

18:50: The Nation has a list of the injured at a hospital in Phuket:

1. Likhit Liengpansakul - ICU

2. Parinwit Choosaeng - ICU

3. Chainarong maharae - ICU

4. Apichart Pata

5. Eric Nileland

6. Cristopher Maken

7. Nong Kaonual

8. Ladda Kaonual

9. Pratin Lienchamroon

10. Sarah (unknown surname)

COMMENT: Nong, person no 7, was the person interviewed on Nation Channel below.

18:40: BBC now has an article. We now have Nation Channel reporting on the names of 10 injured at one hospital (Siriroj). 8 Thais and 2 foreigners were from the names. Transliteration from Thai to English, the two foreigners are Eric Nailand and Chrisopther Magen.

18:30: Nation Channel is continuing the same interview with the survivor. He said that he saw about 10 other people also jumped out the emergency door. He estimates there were about an equal number of Thais and foreigners.

He said he received no special announcements from the pilot to suggest there were any problems. He says that the plane was travelling faster than normal upon landing. He says he didn't feel the wheels touch the ground, it just split into two. He said looking into the plane was full of smoke.

COMMENT: As is typical, only Nation Channel has live reports now Channels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and TITV have gone back to normal programming.

18:20: The Nation Channel has a telephone interview with a survivor named Norng who was on the left hand side of the plane near the wings with his wife (ie near the emergency door). He is injured although he appears to be dazed as he isn't making much sense in the telephone conversation. His wife is quite seriously injured.

Talking from Orient Executive (One-to-Go corporate entity) saying that Phuket airport is closed.

18:10 Reports from the scene from Nation Channel. The plane tried to land, but wasn't able to so tried to elevate and the plane split in two.

18:10 The Nation Channel reports from one hospital they have 6 foreigners (Israelis and Australians). The Nation Channel is quoting from a person whose parents survived and called them to say they are safe. The reports states the couple survived after they jumped from the plane window after the crash.

18:05 The Nation Channel reports from the scene paraphrasing emergency workers who believe from the damage and from what they saw that 90% of people on the plane would have died.

Chief of Phuket Police saying that a large number of people died. On those who survived, he said that it is not a large number and many are seriously injured.

Deputy Governor of Phuket says the entire plane destroyed and more than 90% of the 128 people onboard would have been killed (123 passengers + 5 crew members).

17:55: The Manager reports:

เครื่องบินวันทูโกระเบิดเพลิงไหม้ทั้งลำแล้วหลังไถลออกนอกรันเวย์ ระดมเจ้าหน้าที่ แพทย์ พยาบาลให้การช่วยเหลือผู้โดยสาร 123 คนติดในเครื่อง พร้อมลูกเรืออีก 5 คน ล่าสุดมีรายงานว่าผู้เสียชีวิตประมาณ 60 คนแล้วและบาดเจ็บจำนวนมาก

จากกรณีที่เกิดเหตุเครื่องบินของสายการบินวันทูโกแอร์ เที่ยวบินที่ OG 269 เกิดอุบัติเหตุลื่นไถลออกนอกรันเวย์ ขณะลงจอดที่ท่าอากาศยานภูเก็ตเมื่อช่วงเวลาประมาณ 16.00 น.วันนี้ (16 ก.ย.) ล่าสุดมีรายงานข่าวว่า ภายหลังจากลื่นไถลเครื่องบินได้เกิดเสียงระเบิดขึ้น 2 ครั้ง หลังจากนั้นได้เกิดเพลิงไหม้ตัวเครื่องบิน ขณะที่มีอยู่โดยสารอยู่ในเครื่องบิน 123 คน พร้อมลูกเรืออีก 5คน

Summarised Translation: Flight No OC269 departed Bangkok about 14:20 and crashed around 4pm today (16 Sep). Expected that around 60 people have died. 2 explosions.

COMMENT: TITIV reports from an official source saying 30 killed. Heavy run in Phuket so the 2 explosions might just be the noise and not a sign of a bomb etc.

17:45pm : TITV reports that at least 2 crew members have survived. The TITV reporter at the scene is told that up to 100 people could have been killed. Those who are injured are seriously injured.

COMMENT: We have no video of the airport as the authorities won't let them. All channels just have the studio background and are on telephone.

The Nation reports:

A budget airline exploded and broke into two pieces after it slid out of runway and crashed with nearby walls at Phuket airport on Saturday afternoon.

The number of injuries is not able to be confirmed, but some reports said 60 passengers were killed.

Initial report said the airline; One-to-Go, has 123 passengers and crew.

The MB 82 airline landed at the Phuket airport at about 3.40pm from Bangkok and was taxing when it slid out of the slippery runway caused by heavy rains.

The aircraft then crashed with trees and walls nearby.

Eye-witnesses said the impact of the crash broke the aircraft into two pieces and they heard noises of explosion sporadically.

Rescue teams and navy rushed to the scene.

COMMENT: Channel 7 reports from the scene that more than 100 injured. Mixture of Thais and foreigners. No of deaths still unknown so unsure whether report of 60 is accurate

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