Sunday, September 2, 2007

THAI to hike air fares in October

( - Thai Airways International (THAI) is expected to increase its economy class fares by 3-4 percent in October in a strategy aimed at increasing the national carrier's revenue by 6-8 percent annually.

THAI will start by re-adjusting fares for routes that are particularly popular with passengers, claiming that up to 75-80 percent of its annual revenue come from the sale of economy class tickets.

A THAI executive said the airline is expected to announce a fare hike about twice a year according to the new business plan with a fare increase of about 3-4 percent.

"The strategy will encourage passengers who fly the more popular routes to fill in seats on routes that aren't popular," he said. "The only difference between these two routes is the flight time."

"Thai Airways' economy class seats will also be on par with other airlines once a new fleet of aircraft is in service."

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