Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thai exports hit record high

Thailand's exports amounting to nearly US$14 billion last month, hit a record high with an 18 per cent rise over the same period last year while a total of about US$ 97 billion was earned from exports during the last eight months this year, according to Commerce Minister Krirkkrai Jirapaet.

Such positive trade values had occurred in spite of the stronger baht currency and exporters' complaints of difficulties in dealing with world export markets, the commerce minister said.

Of last month's US$14 billions export figures, farm goods categories marked a 12 per cent increase, industrial goods marked a 17 per cent increase and other export categories made a 23 per cent rise.

Thailand had already earned an estimated Bt97 billion in goods export over the last eight months, marking a 17 per cent increase over the corresponding period last year and a Bt 6.4 billion trade surplus.

The commerce minister said, each of the remaining four months of this year was projected to earn an average of US$12 billion in export value.

Meanwhile, Thailand had spent US$13 billion on import goods last month, accounting for a 14 per cent increase from the same period last year. The import goods ranged from vehicles, fuel and consumer products to military hardware.

The country had spent an estimated US$91 billion on imported goods during the last eight months this year, marking a 6 per cent rise over the corresponding period last year.

Though Thai export markets in the United States might have slowed down under sustained global economic recessions, the Japanese and Indian export markets remained promising towards the future, the commerce minister said.

Thailand currently has honorary trade consultants in 44 countries, plus trade attaches in 56 countries worldwide. Those trade consultants and diplomats continued to penetrate up to 100 world markets for Thai export goods. (TNA)

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